Sonic Zen Records is based in the Fourth Street neighborhood of Berkeley, California, amidst a fast-developing district of converted warehouse and loft spaces. Sharing a building with Bay Area film legend Rob Nilsson's Citizen Cinema and 9@Night Films, our facilities offer a lot of flexible space in a comfortable and inspiring atmosphere.

The main tracking room has neutral and open acoustics, with a peak ceiling height of 23-feet. A standalone vocal booth offers full visibility of the tracking room, plus two closets and a hallway offer additional isolation spaces for musicians or speaker cabinets. A grand piano, Hammond B3 organ with Leslie 122 speaker, and a studio drum set are always available for use. Lots of windows and an adjoining sun deck help create a relaxed vibe.

The lounge area is equipped with a 9-foot high-definition projection screen with surround sound, available for film screenings or just a Playstation break during a long recording day. An additional Pro Tools system in the lounge allows it to double as a "Studio B" for editing or overdubs while other work is going on in the main room.

We invite you to arrange a studio tour if you are interested to know more.

View the Complete Gear List
View the Complete Gear List

Charlie Wilson
Founder, Sonic Zen Records
(510) 798-5115