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More info on Sonic Zen's contribution to this project will be posted soon. 


Artist Bio

The story began at University of Oregon in 1999 where Jordan and Dustin met during their freshman year at school. Jordan played bass (sort of) and Dustin played guitar and sang. They started out butchering covers of Phish, Sublime, Green Day, Weezer and Everclear in a dark, cold basement in Eugene, OR. About a year later they met a drummer properly named "Wild Bill" as he was an out-of state student from Iowa. Their first band, "Finney, Skinny and the Hick," was formed in 2001 and played frat parties and campus bars to the delight of drunken students. In 2003, Dustin and Jordan graduated and left rainy Eugene behind to move south to San Francisco, leaving Wild Bill behind forever. 

In 2006, Dustin and Jordan met a drummer, Joey "Fatone" McKane and decided to rent a practice studio in SF. Like almost every band in the world, they started out playing covers of bands they love and decided to try to get some gigs as a Sublime cover band. In November of 2006, the Lou Dog Trio, a Sublime tribute band, starting doing shows in San Francisco. After just 1 year, Lou Dog Trio was headlining and selling out venues up and down the West Coast, as they brought a much needed resurrection of the live music of Sublime. 

Although rocking the music of Sublime came naturally to these three Sublime fans, original ideas and tracks quickly came to the forefront. This new band consists of the same members but different ideas, combining our unique musical backgrounds and creating AUDIODUB. This new project combines the ska/reggae elements that we're used to and blends them with our own personalities of hard rock and punk. 


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