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Studio A is a large, open studio with four distinct, sound-isolated tracking spaces: live room, iso booth, utility room, and foyer. These different rooms offer a variety of acoustic environments; from the live, open sound of the main room to the tight, crisp sound of the softwood-lined iso booth - or even the completely flat and clean sound of the foyer for tight voice overdubbing. The live room is the "control room," housing the 16-channel ADM console and extensive collection of analog equipment. This studio will comfortably handle almost any project, large or small.

STUDIO B Production Suite

Studio B is a versatile editing and post-production suite, sharing microphones, instruments, and selcted outboard equipment with Studio A. The adjoining lounge can serve as extra space for tracking vocals or overdubs. For music creation not requiring a lot of space, this room is ideal. Mic locker and coffee included. (Shown: Studio A under construction. Photos coming soon!)

Sonic Zen Records is still undergoing renovation at its new location in Jingletown, Oakland!
Check back for progress videos - we will be regularly documenting the remodel.

Whether you're recording a 10-piece band, or just need a pristine environment to edit and mix your music, reach out today – we're happy to answer questions and arrange a studio tour for you.

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