Q: When will the studio remodel be completed?

A: It's almost done! We're putting on the finishing touches and will do a full photo shoot soon. For the time being, check back regularly for progress videos!

Q: How are you staying safe during the pandemic?

A: Great question! All of our staff members are now vaccinated. We have procedures in place regarding required masks, sanitizing, ventilation (complete with MERV-13 filtration, which removes viruses from the air), and distancing. With 4 fully isolated rooms and a separate Studio B in the back, we have plenty of room to socially distance and heed precautions. For any other concerns on this topic, please feel free to reach out.

Q: When are your hours?

A: We usually book sessions between 9 am and 11 pm with some flexibility. 

Q: Do you require a deposit?

A: Yes, we ask for 50% of the session cost to confirm it on the calendar.  Our Payments page has options for how to send this. 

Q: What genres does Sonic Zen typically record?

A: We love all genres of music and have recorded a wide range of styles (see the Music page). Studio A is capable of recording large or small bands of all typse, and Studio B is ideal for post-production and limited overdubs.

Q: Can I see the studio before I book a session?

A: Certainly! Please Contact us to schedule a studio tour -- or we are happy to show you the facilities over Zoom or Skype at your convenience.

Q: Can we bring our own engineer?

A: We welcome outside engineers and producers, but still require one of our house engineers to ensure that everything goes swimmingly. 

Q: Does the piano require tuning?
A: Yes, we generally suggest for the client to have the piano tuned before tracking any songs that depend centrally on the piano. The piano tuner costs $150 and we're happy to make those arrangements for you with two weeks advance notice.. Unless you want a slightly-out-of-tune piano sound in your song. That's cool too.

Q: Do you have your own house drum set?

A: Yes, and it's free to use! Several snare drums and a selection of cymbals are at the ready. Your drummer will probably want to bring their favorite snare and cymbals too, just to have options. 

Q: Is there anything else I should know before booking a session?

A: We love good music and we're flexible here. Our priority is to accommodate you and make your recording experience fruitful and memorable. That being said, we like our studio clean and gear unbroken, so please be prepared for the replacement cost of anything you break or... "irreversibly reconfigure."  Responsible musicians welcome!