All studio time includes access to the lounge and amenities.

house engineer is required for every session, and we'll be happy to pair you with one of our best for your project.  Engineer rates typically range from $200 to $300 per day.


Studio A: Hourly Rate 

4 Hour Minimum

House engineer required


Studio A: Day Rate 

Up to 10 Hours

House engineer required



Four-room tracking, mixing and mastering facility. Includes access to our complete mic locker, studio instruments, vintage console and analog recording gear. For specs and a full list of equipment, check out our gear list.



Production Suite

Versatile space for production, overdubs, and mix work. Includes shared access to our mic locker, studio instruments and selected outboard analog gear. For specs and a full list of equipment, check out our gear list.

Studio B: Day Rate


Up to 10 hours

House engineer required

Studio B: Hourly Rate


4 Hour minimum

House engineer required

Lockout Day Rate


Lock out for both studio 1 and production suite.

Private access to lounge and amenities.


Studio A+B

Have a bigger project and want the whole place to yourself?  Consider renting Sonic Zen for exclusive access.  You'll get all the benefits of both Studio A, and Studio B, with private access to the garden, lounge, and all amenities.  Perfect for bands from out of town.

Mixing and Mastering

Mixing and Mastering rates are based on size, complexity, and number of tracks in your project. We've mixed and mastered hundreds of albums and would love to help make your next release the best it can be. Contact us today for a quote – we're looking forward to hearing your music!

Feel free to check out some of the work we've done here:

Sonic Zen
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