At Sonic Zen we collaborate with producers, engineers, mixers and mastering engineers from all over.  If you're looking for expertise for a particular project you can browse our house approved engineers below (coming soon) or contact us with details and we'll help find your perfect match. 


Producer/Engineer Charlie Wilson grew up in Seattle as a jazz musician and sound engineer with a love for all forms of music. As an undergrad at UC Berkeley, Charlie was handed the keys to a room full of unused recording gear, and accepted the role of Head Sound Engineer, before eventually serving as President of UC Jazz. Through persistent experimentation and the opportunity to work in some of the best studios in Northern California, this path has wound through countless genres and built a vast network of top-tier studio musicians. 

At Sonic Zen, Charlie has contributed to hundreds recording projects as a producer, engineer, composer and performer. A selection of these credits can be found on our Music page, and a few thousand of these songs can be heard on our Spotify channel.


Josh "Big Soda" Jacobs is an engineer, producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist with an appetite for challenging and creative content. As a self-taught producer and musician, Josh has studied under some of the greatest engineers in the Bay Area - and developed a varied portfolio of his own.

Josh has adopted a juggernaut attitude towards his passion. He has lived in numerous tiny apartments, as well as boats, cars, and studios. To him, making good music with good friends is more important than any other comfort on earth.

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