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Dogman Joe

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Artist Bio

Three time runner-up on VH1's Song of the Year, Dogman Joe sees his music career as "giving back" to music and the gift of life. Despite being an avid coffee drinker, he offers a refreshing glass of ice tea to the world: a cool, zesty sound amidst all the buzz. With catchy melodic hooks and rock-solid grooves, you'll be singing in the shower and moving your "feet to the beat as you're walking down the street." His songs tell a tale of love and the struggle of everyday living tempered with an "everything's gonna be alright" attitude, and his voice captures a genuine integrity that speaks to us all. 

San Francisco-based musician Dogman Joe's self-titled debut album, released in 2007 was a true example of pop music that maintains honesty, depth and soul. Blending rock with blues, reggae with funk, his unique sound defies stereotypes to offer audiences a truly original experience that is guaranteed to leave them wanting more. "One song features a hoedown, another a screaming sax solo over a raunchy, hard-core funk break-down," he says. "The album captures an honest interpretation of life: the ups and downs, the carefree, happy-go-lucky times and the "when it rains, it pours" blue times." 

Dogman Joe's new release Blue and Moonlit  takes you on a journey through space and time. The album pulls inspiration from themes of surrender and illumination set under a night sky. "It's through music that I am freed from this prison. Simply by singing about the bars that hold me in, I am magically transported to the other side" says DMJ about the making of this record. Blue and Moonlit is as a fresh new look at the dynamic musicality and depth of soul that make up Dogman Joe. 

Such fusion of influences comes naturally to Dogman Joe. Growing up in California, his influences range from John Coltrane to Pink Floyd, and he bought his first guitar at age 14. "Without even hearing the strat, I took it home with a new amp and never left my room," he says. "It's the same guitar that I play today. I have it tattooed on my forearm so I will never lose my path." The success of his debut album shows Dogman Joe definitely hasn't lost his way. Originally the front man for Bay Area legends "Dr. Masseuse," he has honed his skills over the years, even touring France three times with "The Motivators." Such experiences have only helped to further his prolific talent, with his self-titled debut album the culmination of years of old-fashioned blood and sweat. "I came up with the name "Dogman Joe" after a high school nickname," he says. "Now, after more than a year of meticulous production, Dogman Joe is ready to be set free from his leash to rock the planet with this fresh new album in hand." 

His electrifying live performance and one-of-a-kind sound will undoubtedly show why he has received accolades on VH1's Song of the Year and radio play internationally. "Music is my way of bringing people together," says Dogman Joe who is very active in the community, raising money for Cancer research, the AIDS Walk, Surfrider Foundation and others. Such a positive attitude is combined with a mix of rock, folk, reggae and blues to offer truly remarkable package. A Californian native, Dogman Joe is a one-of-a-kind artist that pushes the boundaries of musical genres to offer his audiences an unforgettable experience that will surely leave them inspired.

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