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Big Ending



I owe a lot to Matt Lucas. His music has inspired my rock ‘n roll side for the past 14 years, and his ears have guided many of the albums that bear the Sonic Zen logo. It’s great to be releasing another stack of songs with the support of his new band, Big Ending.

The Fading Out album came together in two sessions, each yielding 5 songs. We tracked the bass, drums and electric guitar live in one room, and then stacked up Matt’s vocals and layers of guitar on top. With a phalanx of guitars, amps and pedals to work with, and plenty of freedom to goof around with mic and mix techniques, we gave each song a unique blend of tones and the arrangements fell together almost effortlessly. Somewhere along the way, Matt recorded an extra song at home in his kitchen (Waking Breath), which somehow fit right in with the rest. We weren’t totally satisfied until I gave it a solid kick in the pants with mastering, and at last we have an album on our hands.


Artist Bio

Big Ending is the new title of Matt Lucas' band.

Matt Lucas is a lyric driven songwriter with high energy percussive guitar work, he just released his second cd, Phantom Limbs. Flagpole magazine wrote, "Musically speaking... this is not your father's folk music... this guys got a lot of energy." 

His off the cuff musically style has him performing and recording all over the country, and with groups ranging from Mike Doughty to Dave Donderro to Kid Rock. 

Featured among "Athen's Hottest Bands" and written up as "an intense and prolific songwriter, Matt Lucas carries a thematic boldness with dichotomy between lyrics and melodies. Songs about love may sound punkish while others about death may sound like gritty old folk standards. It's hard not to absorb his celebration of music..."

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