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Bay Vibes


More info on Sonic Zen's contribution to this project will be posted soon. 

Artist Bio

Bay Vibes is an organization that supports and promotes Bay Area music of all kinds. They put on one-off, weekly, and annual events. Bay Vibes puts on the weekly Songwriters Unplugged Showcase at Yoshi's in San Francisco and the annual Bay Vibes Summer Musicfest in conjunction with Sonic Zen Records. The music featured on the player is from the sampler CD from Bay Vibes 3 which took place in August 2010. 

Bay Vibes was conceived on a sunny day in the park by Robin Applewood, the charismatic lead singer of Dogman Joe. Growing up within the larger San Francisco art and music scene, with many years of professional experience playing out, Applewood sought to create a venue that would further expose, build, and unify the Bay Area's artist community. He looked to fellow musicians, talented artists, production experts and other friends to help define and celebrate what he knows to be the unifying thread: a sound that carries from the heartbeat of the city to the music-loving world at large. 

In its third year, Bay Vibes is a locally-driven and oriented event company with excellent ties to the real and online communities, and, in 2010, intends to expand to an Internet radio station continuously supporting multi-genre local bands. Applewood and company are dedicated to promoting local music, both for the locals and to music fans visiting or wanting to get turned on to the Bay Area sound from afar. Bay Vibes encourages all interested folks to come and enjoy current events throughout the city, and features stellar shows at Yoshi's SF, including: Songwriter Unplugged, Late Night Live Tuesdays, and Global Movement Wednesdays. 

Songwriters Unplugged is an intimate, acoustic take on your favorite original songwriters. Every week three artists take turns playing short sets of their songs, collaborating with each other and bringing in special guests to join them on stage. Songwriters unplugged happens every Sunday at Yoshi's SF.

What would any music community be without the occasional festive extravaganza? Coming from core beliefs in the unification of sound amongst local artists and a strong desire to foster a thriving community, in Bay Vibes, Applewood also created an evolutionary model for music festivals. By involving performers in promotion and organizers in the show, Bay Vibes 3 breaks down barriers between "rock stars" and the community, making our event by and for the music loving community as a whole. The positive benefits of such a model ultimately connects festivalgoers with many different styles of up and coming Bay Area music, and the musicians with their fans in a holistically fun and new way. 

Created for and by music lovers, Bay Vibes proves to be a fast-growing community of great musicians and artists with a fresh and yet old-school approach to supporting local music. If you want to get involved, contact Robin and let us know about your own local talents, the more Bay Vibers, the merrier! 

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