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Po' Boys and Honey


Making their public debut at the Songwriters Unplugged series at Yoshi's San Francisco, this new group of old friends made an immediate impression on me. Each the four songwriters brings a different style to the table, helping to set off the flavors of each others' compositions and they take turns supporting each other. I had worked with Alexis Harte years ago, and I was excited to have this new group come into the studio to lay down their first EP. 

Aiming to capture the energy that they bring forth on stage, we tracked it all live in one room with no metronome and no headphones, and then overdubbed a few layers to fill it out. Alexis laid down a few guitars at his studio and Kounde brought in one of his favorite compositions-in-progress which we completed with vocals and djembe. 


Artist Bio

Four talented and individually established singer songwriters have come together to share their unique blend of expressions. Backing each other, covering each other's songs and honoring solo performances are all part of the focus for this exciting new group, Po' Boys & Honey. 

Two guitars, one piano, a tight compact percussion set and 4 vocalists have joined forces in the spirit of community, collaboration, and taking care of our audience. 

Po' Boys & Honey is a a mix of: 

Maya Thaman -- Her own unique style of piano, cultivated with Folk, Latin, Classical, and Soul. 

Alexis Harte -- acoustic folk, bluesy Americana, guitarist, who writes about how to live soulfully. 

Damond Moodie -- roots in Motown Soul, Hard Rock, and 80's pop, who blasts his velvet thunder vocals over a rootsy and spare sounding acoustic guitar. 

Kounde -- vocalizing streams of original melodies based on ancestral origins mixed with his own personal lyrics layed over a bed of traditional west African percussion grooves. 

True music without any boundaries! 

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