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When it comes to manifesting your creative vision it's important to have someone you trust who shares in that vision supporting and directing your project. Please help us understand your goals by completing the form on the contact page and we'll contact you for an exploratory consultation.  Pricing is dependent upon the scope, breadth and length of the project.   


Charlie at Desk.jpg

Producer/Engineer Charlie Wilson grew up in Seattle as a jazz musician and sound engineer with a love for all forms of music. As an undergrad at UC Berkeley, Charlie was handed the keys to a room full of unused recording gear, and accepted the role of Head Sound Engineer at UC Jazz. Through many rewarding self-taught learning experiences and persistent experimentation, this path has brought him an exciting and highly diverse palette of artists to work with. 

Under the umbrella of Sonic Zen, Charlie has worked on over 200 recording projects as a producer, engineer, composer and/or performer. A selection of these credits can be found on our Music page, and a few hundred of these songs can be heard in the music player above.

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