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Live! With Karl Denson

From 2003 to 2010, Charlie Wilson from Sonic Zen Records has played several roles for Albino!

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As the original trombonist and one of the earliest band members, Charlie toured the country with ALBINO! Since then several live and studio projects have incorporated work done at Sonic Zen, including mixing and mastering the Live With Karl Denson album, and overdubs and post-production for the Peralta House.

Artist Bio

The SF Music Award-winning ALBINO! is a ten-piece Afrobeat ensemble that honors the fiery legacy of Nigerian musical revolutionary Fela Kuti. ALBINO's high-energy grooves and explosive stage show thick with hypnotic percussion, a heavy horn section, African dance, outrageous costumes, and infectious group choreography have firmly established the band as the West Coast's premier Afrobeat act.

According to the SF Weekly, "ALBINO's ass-inspiriting percussive engine comes from a rhythm section of local all-stars; together, they form rhythms based in the West African tradition which holds at its heart the inseparable union of drumming and dance. Atop the band's rhythmic maelstrom ride tightly figured five-part horn lines. The section's 'heavy heavy' bottom end features a snarling dual baritone-sax yawp. This is world music that lives up to the name."

The ALBINO combination of over-the-top live energy, tripped-out tribal stage garb, and the ability to envelop audiences in an irresistibly funky, loving embrace have made the band a favorite of festival crowds and the Burning Man community in particular. Beholding this 24-legged freaky behemoth as it locks into its choreographed steps is as much of a feast for the eyes as their deliciously layered funk is for the ears. On top of this, ALBINO's lyrical messages offer scathing sociopolitical commentary and urgent calls to civic action, in keeping with the revolutionary spirit central to Fela Kuti's Afrobeat legacy. The live ALBINO! experience simply never fails to move an audience, in every sense of the word.

ALBINO! has recently taken a turn for the different as they disbanded and remerged as "Strike Iron" which found life as a 12-piece dance band known for their high energy grooves and infectious rhythms. You can find more information about "Strike Iron" by clicking below.

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