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Carsten Kranzer

Sideways Blink

In winter of 2012, Sonic Zen Records recorded and produced Carsten Kranzer.

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Artist Bio

Carsten Kranzer's songs are reminiscent of all the styles and genres that have inspired him throughout his life. Quite varied, they range from eerie ethereal ballads to hard driving, rhythmic, groove inspired tunes.

Originally from Montreal, Quebec and born to international parents, Carsten started his performing career before he could talk. As a toddler he would start dancing in restaurants and public places whenever he heard music. At five, he started playing the family organ by ear. Soon after, he began his formal music studies with classical piano, percussion in the school orchestra, and participation in local choruses. In high school his love of music continued as he picked up the guitar and started singing in a rock band. However, it wasn't until two years into his college education that he realized his desire to follow his musical calling exclusively, prompting him to quit his engineering studies and transfer to Berklee College of Music. There he focused his attention on world music and was introduced to the jazz and funk universe. After finishing his degree he drove across the country to another Berkeley where he spent time as a guitarist in the jazz/funk instrumental trio, Drunken Cat Paws, before branching out on his own.

Since debuting his first solo album, Sideways Blink, Carsten has been seen on stages throughout the bay area as well as popular LA hotspots like Hotel Cafe. Filmmakers and fans may know him from the 2014 and 2015 Sundance Film Festival weeks, where he played several venues throughout Park City and performed live on Park City Television.

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