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Doctor Oscillator

Brought Forth

In summer of 2010, Sonic Zen Records mixed and mastered Doctor Oscillator.

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Artist Bio

Formed in New York City in the Fall of 2002, Doctor Oscillator is the group of four musicians/producers: Andrew Ferren, Jeremy Powell, Bob Deboo, and Zach Saginaw. Andrew and Jeremy play tenor saxophones with electronics, Bob on bass, Roland SH-101 and electronics and Zach on drums, percussion and laptop.

The music is what friend and fellow producer/musician Bryan Noll coined as, "live, loop-based improvisation." In this context of performance, Doctor Oscillator's members fuse their musical experience and influences resulting in spacious melodies, filtered riffs, searing solos, and deep, sinewy bass lines that intertwine with driving beats and arcing, dramatic, instant compositions.

The music lends itself readily to dance floors and soundtracks alike due to our variety of sounds, moods and familiarity with various genres.

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