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White Lies

In winter of 2012, Sonic Zen Records recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered Hunters.

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Artist Bio

Hunters is a San Francisco Bay Area alt-folk band comprised of singer-songwriter Rosa del Duca, guitarist Will Decher, bassist Roy Felley, violinist Lucy Giraldo, and drummer John Maurer. Their third, and most recent album titled We All Go Up the Mountain Alone Together softly exudes the aroma of ghost towns, pyromaniacs, PTSD and the Jabberwocky. Recording to tape provides a warm, vintage quality to the layered harmonies, strings and classic rock tropes.

Their use of lyrical storytelling, fueled by juxtaposition and descriptive imagery, with traditional classic rock and country influences provides soothing and engaging music.

Indie music bloggers have said:

“If you’re a fan of alt-country you’re going to fall in love with this. It’s likely that it will be your best friend on your next big road trip.” – We all Want Someone to Shout For

“The strength of Hunters is the interplay between easygoing alt-country vibes and the impressively descriptive lyrics.”

-- Independent Clauses

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