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Sex in the Morning

In summer of 2009, Sonic Zen Records recorded and mixed with Hyim.

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Artist Bio

HYIM's music is pop world fusion with a twist of urban spice. He sounds like Coldplay, Sting, Peter Gabriel, Manu Chao, Dave Matthews, and his music influences include Bob Marley, Peter Gabriel, Chopin and Bob Dylan.

Born in San Francisco and raised in Oakland, California, HYIM is an acclaimed singer, songwriter, producer, pianist, performer, poet and activist. He is the next generation's music fusionisto. The San Francisco Chronicle called HYIM "a formidable talent--spellbinding." A California Music Awards nominee, HYIM also has been recognized as a KFOG Local Scene Artist and a Yamaha Sponsored Artist. HYIM's current album is Sex In The Morning, an international exploration of the sacred erotic. HYIM is now working on a number of production and licensing projects, and his own Collection of Ballads, Volume 1 due out in 2010, as well as performing live solo and band shows.

Hyim is a formidable talent...spellbinding. - San Francisco Chronicle

An emerging talent worthy of the designation of world musician. (Check 'em out if you like Paul Simon, Peter Gabriel, Manu Chao.)

- Village Voice Media NYC

Hyim's music holds a rare gravity...and it is clear that he possesses a grand vision. - Relix

This multi-talented singer-songwriter is a natural: original, honest, timeless. - Owl Magazine

Hyim's soulful vocals and warm positivity in his songs left a deep, lasting impression. Hyim is certainly a masterful keys player.

- High Sierra Music Festival

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