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Leslie Helpert

When Smart Girls Do Stupid Things

In spring of 2009, Sonic Zen Records mixed and mastered a collection of songs by Leslie Helpert.

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Artist Bio


"One facet of my lifework is through the wielding of musical composition, typically scratched out on a guitar named Fiona. I have made five albums, to me, they're always prologues of what's-to-come, and have been largely released on my label (Serpentfly Productions) but (most recently) Barcelona's super-sweet Whatabout Music.

"I'd say I like to chart language's vernacular shifts, and I believe I have a bunch of fervor in the skeleton of my musical sense, and preferably spend most of my time getting in-between its bones, in the empty spaces wherefrom the sounds and motifs emerge.

"I played guitar from the age of eleven, inspired by a riot of lightning bugs and sleeping outdoors while listening to the wooden/steel ricochet in the summertime of Georgia. For the passion of it and singing both, I traipsed through Berklee College of Music, in Boston, Massachusetts, a great opportunity and large library of resource, and afterwards I longed to learn about the traditional arts of indigenous/native people, the languages evoked by the sounds of natural life and so studied at Naropa University in the mountains of Colorado.

"I moved to Boston and eventually down to Athens, GA, and from there I spent some years touring music, getting to know myself more. I'd sometimes play about 280 shows a year and I loved it. I took a stop as the country of Bermuda's first Musician-In-Residence, and I've enjoyed making music in New Orleans, New York, New Mexico, Nashville, Seattle, San Francisco, The Carribean, and Canada. In the last year I've been able to play in France, Italy, England, Spain and Holland, stumbling upon geniuses and giants; keeping my eyes open for tree frogs and tiger lilies.

"I am so much appreciative for those who resonate with these songs I've pulled from the Narnia of my dream, and I am very thankful to keep passion alive with juicy disciplines and by the inspiration of the stupendous riders of the storm."

Leslie is currently traveling Europe, collaborating and recording with talented people from around the world, as well as performing tributes to Billie Holiday.

She is a teacher of voice and yoga as well as a spoken word poet, dancer, beat-boxer, illustrator and novelist; her music is informed by the entirety of her artwork. Her guitar is her compass.

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