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Robin Landry

Robin Landry

In spring of 2015, Sonic Zen Records recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered Robin Landry.

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Artist Bio

With a background in harmonious choir vocals, yet a passionate desire to sing independently, Robin Landry began her career fronting a rock band, making her living back when bands were booked up to six nights a week for four hours a night. With this newfound stamina, Landry’s vocals strengthened and she continued to front for the next seven years. Landry’s band cut two albums and opened for well acclaimed artists such as Bryan Adams, Stevie Ray Vaughan and INXS.

When the band broke up, Landry committed to family, spending her time writing books and raising her children. Once her children became more independent, Landry decided to revive her career as a musician. With only an acoustic guitar, Landry began performing local gigs and getting back in touch with her love for live audiences.

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