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The Cobalt Season

Fragile Iconoclast


In summer of 2008, Sonic Zen Records recorded and mixed the Cobalt Season.

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Artist Bio

We’re a few idealistic hopefuls who daily face personal limitations and worldwide inconsistencies … we also play instruments and sing.

We wonder aloud:

How are we to live faithfully as people of hope, of love, of mercy and justice?

How can we cry out for fairer practices in the world AND work to live more fairly in our own lives?

How can we transcend our current categories for something more generous and loving?

So many people choose polarities:

Republican / Democrat.

Christian / Muslim.

Capitalist / Socialist.

Love / Hate.

Friend / Enemy.

Us / Them.

But our hope is to help people move beyond their preconceived notions of “how the world works” and release the Inspired Imagination to show us a better way. If we are to believe in any sort of Divine Guidance, we must believe that that God (or however you call him/her/it) is leading in a better direction, toward a better day, a better way.

So, what’s our place in it? That’s what we seek to explore.

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