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The Stone Foxes

Live from the Loin

In summer of 2015, Sonic Zen Records recorded, produced, and mixed the Stone Foxes.

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The Stone Foxes called me in 2014, looking for a trombone player. That November, I ended up putting together a horn section for a run of three Saturday nights at The Chapel in SF, and a friendship was formed.

In early 2015, I worked with the band to finish the single Jericho, for their studio album, Twelve Spells, and with the big show of 2015 being planned for Great American Music Hall, the band tapped Sonic Zen to produce & record the concert as a live album.

With some generous technical support from the legendary Stephen Jarvis, I brought in 42 channels of ProTools, boutique preamps, and studio microphones to set up a full recording rig next to the stage. I spent the whole day tuning drums, dialing in the guitar amps, and even rewiring pedal boards until everything sounded great and felt comfortable on stage. Once all the dust settled and the magic was safely on hard drive, I took it back to the studio, chose the best songs of the bunch, and pumped everything through the ADM mix console and outboard analog gear to bring it all together. I hope the result makes you want to see a live Stone Foxes show as much as I do!

Artist Bio

The Stone Foxes, a San Francisco based rock band, bear the torch of their predecessors with the knowledge that rock 'n roll can move a new generation. They’ve played in front of thousands at festivals like Outside Lands and Voodoo Fest, they’ve headlined the legendary Fillmore Theater in their hometown and they have supported acts like The Black Keys, Cage the Elephant, Wilco and ZZ Top.

There’s something about the Stone Foxes that can only be captured in a live concert setting, and Live From The Loin does exactly that. With San Francisco’s Great American Music Hall packed to the gills, the band laid-out a searing barrage of rock ‘n roll energy and left the crowd wanting more.

Their fans know they are in for something action packed and they light a fire in the band, just as the band spreads fire back into them. Guitarists digging in, lead vocals changing between two unique voices with impassioned nuance, and keyboard and organ sounds that fill the space with smoke and burning embers. There are crunchy drum tones, wailing harmonica draws and violin cries that can silence even the most raucous of rooms. But this is not a sit-down-and-watch kind of event. The Stone Foxes are an experience to dive into, to get wild with, to sweat with.

"The Stone Foxes have an energetic style that's rooted in swampy, foot-stomping rock... ambitious arrangements with diverse moods ranging from acoustic twang to thunderous electric-guitar riffs." - NPR/WXPN "WORLD CAFE"

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