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Wesley Woo

Do Re Mi

In summer of 2013, Sonic Zen Records recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered Wesley Woo.

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Artist Bio

Five years ago, Wesley graduated from UC Berkeley with a Bachelor of Arts in Music, and a firm belief that he knew everything there is to know about making music...Turns out that's not quite how it works. Believe it or not, by the time he graduated in 2010, he had no idea what he was doing. Or how to be a musician, for that matter.

So he educated himself. With a strict curriculum of trial by error, Wesley started more Rock bands, Jazz trios, and Classical guitar duos than he could count. And would you believe it, some of it actually worked! In the last year, Wesley's album Do Re Mi has had radio airplay on hundreds of stations all over the country! He's been on two tours, released three music videos and even found an entire community that loved and supported all of his creative endeavors!

The Wesley Woo Band is a local Bay Area indie rock band sounding somewhere between U2 and Sigeroa, with an established following in San Francisco, Oakland, and the South Bay Areas. They are fresh off their second tour to SXSW in Austin, where they played two showcases for the Red Gorilla Stage.

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